“For Antonella Zazzera’ by Enrico Castellani, 2009


…God generates Himself from Himself in Himself, and then once again He generates within Himself.
(Meister Eckhart, German Sermons)

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing. But it is a beautiful phrase (and a fairly refined reference), almost a metaphor of a certain metaphysical vision of the creative procedure of art. Copper thread, the basic material of Antonella Zazzera’s work, has nothing metaphysical about it: it serves as a generator for electric engines and for Antonella’s sculpture. On a special canvas the artist begins to order a dense layer of copper threads. The works proceed by the superimposition of successive intersecting layers. This is how the work begins to have a form, thickness, and weight. The time taken for the making is the essential component of the procedure and a measure of its completion. In fact, the work will have been finished when the thickness of the successive layers is the necessary one, sufficient to allow the piece obtained in this way to adapt itself to its various possible destinations. Because the work of art is not confined in a closed circularity but lives in open situations, it is a vector that adapts to all places and is always contemporary. (1) So Antonella Zazzera’s works are placed on the wall, stretched or rolled on the ground, or suspended in the open air.

(1) In fact, Meister Eckart, even though he died suspected of heresy, never ever compared God to a flying carpet.