“Antonella Zazzera. Armonici” by Federico Sardella, 2007

The copper wire, in different colours and thickness, is the one element, that, combined with light, constitutes the most recent works by Antonella Zazzera: the “Armonici”. Those sculptures, complex ground or wall structures that recently have been also laid down on water, are formed by immeasurable sediments of the most common energy conductor wire. These sculptures are in close relation with the artist’s body, so close to even assume the same proportions. The bond between these primary and natural shapes and a certain painting is self-evident. Like in the works of Segantini, Balla or Dorazio, for example, the surface appears to us like a field of attracting and rejecting forces, which are similar to the ones in a pointillist pictures. In their slow, analytic and systematic occurring, those soft textures are distinct and drawn by areas of breathing and by areas of extreme saturation, which suggest the possibility of inner, mysterious spaces, where the only palpable presence is light. A light that nourish the body of the work and brings it to life, dressing it with an apparent frailty and with a discreet clamour. A light that exalts and reveals the lines of force, a light that weaves forms and that shapes changing structures, so protean and blazing. A light absorbed, retained and exhaled by the copper wire, generating chromatic, rhythmic interferences and vibrations which threat the apparent quiet dominating the surfaces of the “Armonici”.